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Saturday, February 9, 2013

New stuff in the new year

Well, as you can see, three months has passed since I've last posted. Probably because I've only just found a spare minute to post anything. (Or at least a spare moment where I don't feel just like falling asleep.) Obviously, a lot has been going on, holidays, snow, school... Noah lost his first tooth and is working diligently on a second one. I just thought the other day he has 6 more months until he starts Kindergarten! He is SO excited and so ready. He is asking on a regular basis when he gets to go to school. I could not be happier and more excited for him. He also loves his fish and Super Mario Brothers. His preschool had a random Halloween #2 party, and of course he wanted to be luigi, so I had to throw something together in a day. He was pretty happy with it, thank goodness! Aunalie has started her first dance class. She loves it. I'm not sure she is really learning any new moves because when we ask her to show us, she pretty much just shakes her rear end. Ah well. I know she is loving it though. I'm excited for her first recital in May. I can't believe she is going to be 4 in a month! She keeps asking for an "all-girl" party. We'll have to see. Mason is, well, pretty naughty most of the time. I hope he's living the terrible 2's and being three will be a cinch (although that hasn't been my experience with the other two). He's talking in full sentences, repeating everything. Most of the time, he says, "______ did it!" It's either Noah did it, or Aunalie shut the door, or the cat blah, blah, blah! When he's not being naughty, he's asleep. I love that kid, but he is a hand full. He's recently learned the art of taking off all his clothes AND diaper! He's also crawling out of his crib, but thankfully not until the morning. The other day, he came out of his room completely naked. Then he peed on the floor. *sigh*
Noah lost his first tooth

Our tiny dancer girl

Sibling love?

It got weirder...

One of my favorite pictures

this might be the best I get of them together

random Halloween #2 at preschool

Love her... more than she loves that hat

look at the camera!!  Nope.  

Thursday, November 1, 2012

October Highlights

My favorite month is over, but it was so fun! I finally took the pictures off my "cameras" and had a lot to choose from. I can't believe how busy we were!  Martin's Hillside Orchard, Sunwest Farms, Estes Park, Vala's Pumpkin Patch, Halloween... Here are pics from the major things we did...
Martin's Hillside Orchard

Sunwest Farms

Estes Park, Colorado

Vala's Pumpkin Patch


Charlie Brown


Friday, September 7, 2012

Aunalie's First week of Preschool

Aunalie, Aunalie, Aunalie... what can I say about her first week of preschool? It was only excellent. The only bad thing was right before we left for preschool the first day, I don't think she liked all the attention she was getting, but Noah actually jumped in and made her feel a ton better (one of my prouder moments of Noah)! Then we got there early, along with the rest of her class, and parents were taking pictures, and she could not stop smiling. When we went into preschool, I said, "do you remember what color your group was and with the biggest smile on, she pointed to the yellow bears and found her name almost immediately. Then off she went with Tessa to play. I don't even think she or I said goodbye, she was in heaven! I talked with the teachers afterwards and they said it was funny this year because a lot of the kids have older brothers/sisters that have been coming, so it's like they all knew what to do! But just as I suspected, she is loving it.

OnE mOrE yEaR!

So, it only took two years to get here, but Noah FINALLY runs into preschool excitedly AND answers some of my questions when I pick him up!  It may be because his bestie Malcolm is there, or his girlfriend Emma... whatever it is, I'll take it!

It may be bad, but I do secretly hope he does not become a racecar driver. He is still in love with Lightening McQueen. Come on, Disney, let's pump out another movie that maybe is about super intelligent doctors who are safely in their labs or something.

ThE 18 MoNtHs ThAt FlEw By!!

I took a few pictures this BEAUTIFUL fall morning of my beautiful 18 month old... MASON! I love this kid, even when he is yelling at me to get my attention.

Yes, he does climb up that ladder and go down the slide by himself. And because he is my third, I don't worry about it at all.

Monday, September 3, 2012

One more day...

Goodbye Summer! Thanks for all the popsicles, long days in pajamas/swimsuits/aladdin vests and extreme hot weather! Hellooooooo preschool! See ya tomorrow!

Where's Mason?

Hey Noah, smile for the camera!  (this is what I get)

Grandpa Lonnie and Mini-Lonnie

The little boy is my dad.

This little boy is my son.